Comfortable Face Masks with Pouch
Face Masks
Assorted Face Masks
Face Mask
Assorted Face Masks with Pouch- Pack of 3
Face Mask
Face mask
Face Mask
Assorted Face Masks

Assorted Cotton Face Masks with Pouch- Pack of 3

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Cotton Face Masks

Made with 100% cotton and breathable materials, our printed face masks are comfortable, reusable, and easily washable. It is beautifully crafted with the highest standards of hygiene. The 4 layers of face masks provide effective protection against airborne particles and germs. When it comes to the design, it has been made keeping the contours of your face in mind so as to make for a perfect fit. The feather-soft ear loops ensure that your face mask is well in place and snug. 

Step into the new normal, in a way that is comfortable for you as well as for the environment. Let’s breathe in style.

Free Jute pouch with every face mask order.