About The Autumn Weaves

About Us

Inspiration for The Autumn Weaves struck during a summer afternoon – when a bunch of friends gathered over a lunch meet. Halfway into lunch and many calories later, the discussion shifted to how the world is in more and more need of sustainable fashion. And, The Autumn Weaves came into being.
With the key focus on utility, style and tradition, we didn’t have to look too far for inspiration. With the COVID-19 situation rendering several craftsmen jobless, we were quick to connect with them and provide a source of livelihood while making them a part of our family. The name is inspired by the autumn season, which is known to be a harbinger of new beginnings, of change, of nostalgia, of beauty and of earthen hues which keep us grounded.

The Autumn Weaves is an attempt to celebrate our timeless connection with nature, using sustainable materials. Everything from the product to the packaging is made with special care to cater to your needs while caring for the environment as we truly believe being sustainable is in fashion. As an accessory brand, every product we offer is high on utility and created using exquisite craft techniques with a mix of contemporary trends. Experience, celebrate and cherish a timeless assortment of accessories, finely crafted to emanate elegance and complement your style.

Let’s start weaving style and sustainability together.